Drainage Contractors in Windsor, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire

At Best Property Service, we make it our business to provide customers in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire with complete property maintenance solutions. That’s why our drainage contractors cover areas such as Maidenhead and Windsor with a professional range of drainage services. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a clean, functional and sanitary drainage system. Issues with blockages, leaks and pooling water frequently result in health hazards.


When customers in Maidenhead, Windsor or any of the surrounding areas encounter problems with their system, it’s reassuring for them to know that our drainage contractors offer a repair and clearance service on a full 24/7 basis. We strongly urge our customers not to use advertised products that contain harmful chemicals and usually do more harm than good.


Drainage blockages most often occur when homeowners or business employees incorrectly discard waste. Anything that enters the drainage system with the exception of water has the ability to cause a blockage – even toilet roll in larger quantities. The majority of drainage blockages encountered in the Maidenhead, Windsor, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire areas stem from hair, nappies, skin wipes, sanitary items, food, oils and other contaminants.

Our drainage contractors are here to help with these issues, and more, with one of the most responsive services at fair and transparent rates.


Managing the Drainage System Correctly


Because the network of pipes connected to drainage systems generally stay hidden, it’s easy to forget how complex they are and how easy it is to accidentally cause a blockage. The pipework feeds the supply of fresh water to your home or business (through taps, showers and washing machines, for example) but it also influences the removal of waste water. Some foreign contaminants, such as food particles, are almost impossible to avoid.


When properties in Maidenhead, Windsor and the surrounding areas handle higher-than-average volumes of waste through the drainage system, however, the chance of a blockage increases. Chemical products and coat hangers frequently cause damage to the system, and our drainage contractors advise that you always have blockages cleared by professionals.


Best Property Service uses a combination of traditional rodding and modern high-pressure jet washing techniques to restore the flow of water to properties in Maidenhead, Windsor and the surrounding counties. When you choose a team of drainage contractors to clear a blocked drainage system, it gives them the opportunity to investigate the cause of the problem and to make recommendations on how to avoid future issues.


Just as important, it also allows them to identify possible damage to the drainage system and to recommend the most suitable method of maintenance, replacement or repair.


Typical services provided by drainage contractors include:


• Pre-purchase surveys

• Drainage repair and cleaning

• Drainage unblocking

• Clearance of sinks, toilets and baths

• Clearance of manholes, gulleys and soakaways

• Damage investigation surveys

• Root or scale cutting and removal


To request a quotation from our drainage contractors for services in Maidenhead, Windsor or the surrounding areas, call 07817 377782 or 07815 817415.